The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:35pm

Present were JoAnn Smith, Vena Paiva, Marla Patterson, Ernie Staudt, Al Walker, Sharon Erwin, and Ron Tracy.

JoAnne introduced Barbara Nist who is running to be D19's representative to the National Board. She has done this job before and feels that this district would be better represented with her than the present incumbent. The District include WA, BC, and AK. Ballots will be mailed to members about mid month--one vote is counted for each 100 members in a club; so, we represent 1.3 votes roughly. The board will have to decide about voting individually or as a block. Barbara thanked us for our time. She provided some great snacks for the game.

We again have the problem with the sectional--the college renewed the contract with the Church. Their rates are also significantly higher. We brainstormed about various possibilities:

Bothell Union Hall--need to see Union Schedule--sometime in OCT

Naval Support Base--the area we used no longer exists

Silvana Hall--problems with too far north, but will check on it when I return

Check with Turid/Karen Bibb about getting the room at the Assistance League

? of New Army Reserve Center (near Navy Support Base) Again have to wait until OCT to see what conflicts might exist with the reserve schedule.

Ernie to ask about the main floor of the Future of Flight Musem.


PICNIC: Ernie/Ron--make sure Marge orders meat; arrange transport and acquisition of BBQs.

FINANCES: Checking $2133.13

Investment 4854.57

CDs 8479.06--just due to renew 7/25/12--speak NOW if you want to change banks to a place that pays more interest.

Meeting adjourned at 7:07 PM

Respectfully submitted