The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:40 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Marla Patterson, Ernie Staudt, Sharon Erwin, Ron Tracy, Donna Bailey and Sharon Erwin. Minutes approved as submitted.


1. Primary discussion involved the apparent double charging by the Everett Community College for our sectional last year. Marla will get the financial statements from Ernie and meet with the college. (Note: money returned to us; problem resolved.)

2. Second financial issue involves changing the names on our OPUS CD's to JoAnn and Ernie. Marla will give Ernie the letter that authorizes that.

3. We are behind in the rent money to the Everett Retirement Plaza. Ernie should take care of this immediately. It is to be paid quarterly--can we set up an automatic payment?

4. Mary Carlson completed the audits for 2011 and 2012. Only discrepancy was #1 above.

The SUMMER PICNIC is scheduled for 4 Aug at the Marysville Community Center (same as last year). We usually play an individual game; there was also a suggestion about CAPT Teams. Someone also mentioned a barometer game (?). Decision to be made later.

Secondary issue involved sanctioning the SECTIONAL for next year, as the dates we have with are the end of the NABC in Dallas or Easter. If we go into April it will be really out of our time frame and may conflict with other activities. SHARON HAS SUGGESTED MOVING THE DATES TO 14-16 MAR 2014. The Board's decision was to go for our usual dates of 22-23-24 March 2013. We need to decide SOON as I have to submit the schedule for next year NOW. Donna and Al will run the Partnership desk for the Sectional.

Next meeting 3/6/13.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,