The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:40 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Marla Patterson, Ernie Staudt, Turid Fredrickson, Joe Ulrich, and Sharon Erwin. Ron Tracy arrived later. Minutes of previous meeting have been posted; no corrections noted.


1. Joe Ulrich has agreed to fill out the unexpired year of Donna Bailey's term. Al Walker requested to be excused from all board duties.

2. Seattle requested an OK for an IN tournament in Woodinville 8-9 Mar. They lost their venue and had to ask our permission as it is in Snohomish County. The board unanimously approved the request.


1. Most things well under control; sign up sheet and reminder to start baking will be posted tonight..

2. After much discussion, it was decided that Al, Ernie, and Joe will run the partnership desk. Al is OK with pairing up people who are there, but needs someone with a cell phone to handle the others.

3. Ernie will pay the remaining 1/2 of our fee and the $1000 refundable damage deposit to Beautiful Savior before 22 Feb.

4. David Taylor has confirmed that he will provide the table, bidding boxes, and paper supplies.

5. Sharon will handle the following:

a. Costco shopping for coffee, paper supplies, etc.

b. Email update to ACBL about carpooling from the shopping center on 128th and 35th on Sunday.

c. Rent 40-60 additional chairs and arrange for delivery.

d. Bring ACBL sign. Ernie will supply two stakes.

e. Recycling can lid.

f. Partnership slips

g. Provide caddies--herself on Friday; one on Sat, and two on Sunday.

h. Arrange for duplicating machine and the bridgemates for Fri/Sat.

i. Bring decent pencils.

6. Marla will work with Turid to provide a local restaurant listing.

7. JoAnne will bring trash bags for recycling.

8. The after party will be at Sharon's unless she sells the house. Then, Marla will arrange something.

9. Lunch on Sunday will be time to go to a local place or bring your own.

10. Board members are reminded to wear their name tag.


ELECTIONS: JoAnne Smith, President (will update ACBL online)

Joe Ulrich, Vice President

Marla Patterson, Secretary

Ernie Staudt, Treasurer

Jack Erickson, Discipline Chairman

Ron Tracy, Education

CHARITY DONATIONS: We did not designate any in December for the year. The following will receive $200 each: Assistance League of Everett (School Bell); Everett Retirement Plaza, and Habitat for Humanity.

SUNDAY GAME: There is interest and JoAnne wants to pursue this. We would start with two games a month, tentatively the 1st and 3rd Sundays at the Retirement Plaza. Nick has agreed to direct one and Marla will take the other temporarily, but JoAnne needs to pursue someone who will take charge of the game, i.e., a Sunday club manager and find at least one more director, so no one is tied down. The game will start in April and we will give it the rest of 2014 to become self supporting. In the meantime, we will subsidize as necessary. Sharon will apply for the sanction.

Meeting adjourned at 7:22 pm.

Next meeting scheduled for the Sunday, 23 Mar, after the sectional, unless required before then.

Respectfully submitted,