The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:35 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Marla Patterson, Ernie Staudt, Ron Tracy, Joe Ulrich and Sharon Erwin. Minutes of previous meeting were lost in the Secretary's notebook and will be incorporated into these minutes. The 6/18/14 Meeting had JoAnn Smith, Marla Patterson, Ernie Staudt, Ron Tracy, Joe Ulrich and Turid Fredrickson present.


1. Sunday game tabled for now. IN JUNE MINUTES: The Plaza withdrew its permission to use the activity space on Sunday afternoon. Still believe there could be some interest, but a place to play remains an obstacle.

2. Running the game ON TIME still remains a goal; the director may take a board away if slow play persists. We will try to give everyone enough warning that time is about to expire.

3. Changing start time still a possible. Survey number was small and regulars like 7:30, but 14 non regulars like 7:00, so there is a potential of almost three tables if we had an earlier start. Maybe we can try 7:15 next year as a compromise.

4. Election of Officers due next month: Joanne, Ernie, and Marla are up for reelection. Joanne and Marla have agreed to run again. Ernie has declined. We still need 2-3 more candidates--and it is everyone's responsibility to recruit.

5. Ron again addressed that he would like to offer a short tip on rules of the game or ethics before each session. The board heartily approves.


1. Discussion of Swiss team format--VP vs Win/Loss and BAM format. We only use the Win/Loss formula during GNT qualifying matches in FEB to make more people eligible to play in the district competition. It was decided to try the BAM format one time this next year to make people familiar with it and to try something new.

2. Marla has installed locks on our kitchen cupboards to help with petty theft issues.


1. From JUNE meeting: Marla agreed to talk with Julie about chairs and coffee pots. NOTE: Julie not available until after NOV meeting. They have some 20 cup coffee makers that we can use and Sharon is going to buy us a couple of 30-40 cup ones so that we can avoid renting. Cheaper and easier. The church has agreed to buy more chairs so that we don't have to rent them. All they requested is that we pay $700-1000 of our rental fee that is left up front so that they would have the funds. An impromptu poll on 11/19 said yes and Ernie was directed to send them a check for $1000. I told Julie to expect it.

2. Flyer was approved. Now is the time to start distributing. Sharon will get it printed and give it to Matt as he goes to all the tournaments.


1. Flyers and sign up list are out at each session.

2. Sharon will get the soda and coordinate with Jack about the liquor; she also has the utensils.

3. Marla will buy the beer and get the liquor permit.

4. Jo has the plates and she thinks the tablecloths also.

5. Ron will get the wine and the scotch.

6. Ernie will talk to his chef friend or do the beef himself--if he does it, we can buy PRIME beef and the board agrees that is a great idea. He will also pick up a couple of COSTCO chickens as an alternate.


Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm.

Next meeting 14 DEC.

Respectfully submitted,