The meeting was called to order by President Ron Tracy at 6:40 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Marla Patterson, Ron Tracy, Turid Fredrickson, Carol Proctor, and Sharon Erwin.


1. Premade team boards mostly seem to be working well. A fairer test of bridge and hand records to discuss options. They will NOT be done for DEC, as Sharon is on vacation. One glitch with the first go round of a round-robin. Director will not make that mistake again.

2. Christmas party:

Ron has the booze and inventory of what we need. Marla will get the banquet permit.

Carol, Turid and Jo will take care of cooking the prime rib--will get together with Ernie for shopping hints and cooking rub. Better to have too much than too little.

Marla is directing.

Marla will get 2 chickens from Costco for those who don't eat red meat.

3. Elections for DEC:

Ron and Joe are not running; Marla will run again.

Other possibilities are Gail Fraser and Dave Fallen.

4. End of the year bonuses were decided for:

a. Sharon Erwin $500

b. Nick Tipton $300 -- in a gift card

c. Marla Patterson $200

Meeting adjourned at 1900.