The meeting was called to order by President Marla Patterson at 6:42 pm.

Present were Marla Patterson, Turid Fredrickson, David Fallen, Jo Ann Smith, Carole Proctor, and Sharon Erwin.

David reported that InMotion Hosting had been selected to host the Unit’s website. The cost is $3.49/mo for two years plus $14.99 per year for domain registration. The board approved the selection by consensus.

It was decided to create three email accounts under our new domain:

webmaster@everettbridge.org (Dave Fallen)

clubmanager@everettbridge.org (Sharon Erwin)

partnerships@everettbridge.org (Mark Lawson)

Link to these addresses will appear on Unit’s the main web page.

It was brought up that a few players are still asking if the Unit can procure Bridgemates which cost $148 per unit (one needed per table) and $288 for the server. Nick Tipton offered to loan us some Bridgmates if we wanted to try them out before buying some, but even if we did borrow them we would need to buy a server. It was decided to poll the players that evening to gauge the interest in such an expenditure.

The question of an occasional individual movement was brought up. The board decided to offer an individual movement once a year in conjuction with a new life master and other milestone recognition evening. New Life Masters would play free and they would have an opportunity to play with everyone. The next opportunity for such an event would be April or May of 2017.

There is still a need to sign the sectional contract. Sharon will check other tournament schedules and try to figure the best time to hold the next sectional which will be our 50th anniversary. We will consider some kind of souvenir (pencil, etc.) that can be handed out at the tournament.

Meeting adjourned 9:00.

Respectfully submitted,
David Fallen