The meeting was called to order by President Marla Patterson at 6:23 pm.

Present were Marla Patterson, Turid Fredrickson, David Fallen, Jo Ann Smith, and Sharon Erwin.

The Minutes for May 18, 2016 were approved.

The board approved the following expenditures:

$200 Cocoon House

$200 Habitat for Humanity

$300 Everett Plaza Retirement Center

$200 Assistance League

The board expressed a need to examine the Open Meeting Act rules to determine what is required to be discussed and decided on in an open meeting, as opposed to informal board communication.

The bylaws posted on the Unit web site requires 8 board members, but may not be the latest version. Marla will check her files for an updated version. Otherwise, the board needs to revise the bylaws to have fewer board members, and other changes that may need to be made.

Each board member needs to recruit candidates to replace outgoing board members.

Marla will not be here for the Unit’s Spring Sectional, so a tournament chair need to be recruited.

There was a discussion of team games:

Are they still viable?

Should we set time limits?

Should the board be pre-duplicated?

This will be an ongoi8ng discussion – the chair will talk to the group.

Meeting adjourned 7:02 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
David Fallen