The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 7:20 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Dave Fallen, Gail Fraser, and Sharon Erwin. Nick Tipton represented the directors.


1. Outstanding minutes were approved as distributed.


  1. Sectional issues/changes, etc.:

  1. We voted NO door prizes next year—that was suppose to be a one-time thing to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

  2. Problems with times and players returning on time. After a lengthy discussion, the following was decided:

    1. Friday’s games will start at 1:30 and 7:00 pm.

    2. Saturday’s games will start at 12 and 6:00pm.

    3. Sunday Swiss will start at 1000.

    4. Will post game start times as a placard on each exit door to assist player memory.

  3. Road signs were very successful, despite a couple of folks who missed them…..!

  4. Financials are not all in; ballpark figures suggest it will be close to breaking even and maybe slightly in the red.

  1. There was one significant behavior issue involving profanity of a GNT player towards a table of sectional swiss team players on Sunday. No one at the meeting actually witnessed the event, so the heated discussion involved hearsay from others. It was suggested we just forget the GNT. A player memo was generated and submitted to the D19 recorder. There is now an investigative process underway that could take several weeks, due to the availability schedule of those conducting the investigation. The topic of the contract with the GNT is tabled until all the financials are completed and this issue is resolved.

  1. Discussion moved to club issues involving slow play, particularly with players that we know are having some aging issues. We don’t want to bar anyone, but, at the same time, we don’t want the game significantly disrupted or unfairly conducted due to the randomness of some play. General conclusion was to maybe discourage frequent play of some and to muddle through the best we can at the moment. It is, after all, a club game.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm. Next meeting TBD.

Respectfully submitted,