The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:30 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Dave Fallen, Gail Fraser, Ernie Staudt, and Sharon Erwin.




1. Outstanding minutes were approved as distributed.




        CD reinvestment:

        5K invested for 6 months. 5K invested for 12 months.

        David charged with exploring options and choosing best interest rate.


        We voted to continue our partnership at the Sectional with D19 GNT playoffs. We will request a director other than Matt Koltnow, as we do not believe he will enforce Zero Tolerance (ZT). We will also send a letter from the club to Erli Zhou banning him from any event where we are the responsible party for the venue.


        Turid is taking over the Sunshine function. After much discussion, the following was decided:


        If a member dies, we will donate $50 to a charity of their or the families choice.

        For all other events, involving hospitalizations, illness, quitting playing, etc., we will send a card to the member so involved.

        Please keep Turid up to date if you know of anyone who is having a problem.


        Nursing home in Lynnwood has offered a free room if we would start a game there, possible on Sunday afternoon. We still have the issue of having a director available, and Sharon does not want to do hospitality for a second game. Sharon will send Marla the info and she will pursue it after Lynnwood.


        Please remind all member here about ZT. We still have an issue with older members. Tony and Al have stopped playing. We thought Loren had, but he appeared again last week. We will send a letter to him to say he is no longer welcome. He cannot follow the play and he cannot hear. This disrupts the game for everyone and often just randomizes the results and he cannot consistently follow the play. We hate to do it, but it is not fair to everyone else at this point.


        Saturday 8/25 at 1030 at the Lynnwood public library, we have set up a meet the candidate event to hear all the candidates from D19 who are running for the National Board. All officers are urged to attend. We would particularly like them to upgrade the ZT policy to be better enforced and to upgrade the penalties to more fit the crime.



Meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm. Next meeting TBD.


Respectfully submitted,