The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 1:07 pm.  Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Gail Fraser, and Ernie Staudt. 




Main order of business was the starting up of a new Sunday game at the Chateau Retirement home.  They have offered us a free place to play to give their residents an opportunity to play bridge.

            l.  Jo has talked to Wayne English and he has agreed to 2 times per month.  We believe it needs to be every week or people will just never remember it.  Jo will talk to him again and Marla and Dave offered to back up directing when necessary.  Marla will work up some short lessons to precede each game.

            2.  Sharon has done a tentative 2019 Schedule and has split some of the unit games off to the Sunday, in an effort to attract more players.

            3.  Sharon has made up a flyer to send to all the clubs, announcing our new game.

            4.  Ernie will handle publicity with the newspapers.

            5.  We all will publicize it at the clubs we already play at.  Sharon will do an email blast to our Unit and to District 19.

            6.  Board is committed to trying to make this work.  We know we will lose money for the first 6-12 months, but we don’t believe it will be very much and the game has a great potential to grow.

            7.  Need to emphasize “kinder/gentler” bridge as the residents are probably not use to playing duplicate—may even have to consider Party bridge section—will work NOT to do that, but we have to keep in mind how we got the space in the first place.

            8.  Hospitality will be at a minimum to start—coffee, water, a plate or two of cookies.  It can grow if the game does.

            9.  We will try to have at least one board member at each game for the first three months.

            10. Plan to offer director fee of $80 per game, playing fee of $6 to start—will negotiate issue with Chateau’s Activities Director—depending on how many players they actually have.

            11.  We will start Sunday 12 Jan 2019 at 1 pm.


Actions Items:

·         Ernie get it into the Herald.

·        Jo renegotiate with Wayne, making sure he knows about the kinder/gentler idea.

·        Marla will donate a tablet and printer.  We should have enough boards and bidding boxes to start.

·        Sharon will get the sanction.

·        Sharon will do email blast.

·        Marla will do lesson plans.




·        Christmas party is 9 DEC and it is approaching fast.  Following are action items:

·        Sharon has done email invite—flyers will be put out at the club.

·        Need about 27# of prime rib—best place is Cash and Carry—Ernie can help the cook buy it, when the time comes.

·        Ernie will ask Ron to cook it.  Need two pieces so you can have well done and rare available at the same time.

·        Marla will get the Banquet License.

·        Marla’s turn to direct—she will let Nick know if it looks like it will be a problem.

·        Jo has the tablecloths and dishes (what a great idea we had—buying those!) and she will invite Wayne, so that he can meet the rest of us.

·        Turid will pick up two roast chickens from Costco.


Meeting adjourned at 2:05pm.  Next meeting 9 Dec 2018 at the Christmas Party.



Respectfully submitted,