(Includes actions taken at annual meeting at the Christmas Party 9 Dec 18)


The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:30 pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, and Ernie Staudt.



        Minutes were approved as distributed. Dave will post on the website.




        SUNDAY game scheduled to start 13 JAN at 1pm at the Chateau Retirement home. Game fee will be $6.

        Wayne has agreed to direct when scheduled.


        Dave will do the website.

        Sharon will draft a flier that can be distributed to clubs and correct the information with ACBL website. Flier should mention elevator available and future lessons planned. We will also try to have someone in the lobby in the beginning to direct traffic.

        Will try to connect with Mary Ewing to get a mention in her article.

        Ernie will get an announcement in the Herald and one at the Lynnwood Sr. Ctr.

        The following volunteered to represent the board at the game: 13 Jan Marla; 20 Jan Jo Ann (Jo will need a sub, as she will be recovering from knee surgery), and Ernie on the 27th. There is only one game in February due to Super Bowl and local sectionals.

        We will try to use pre-duped boards to simplify things.




        Only two item of business concluded at the Christmas Party: Turid Fredrickson and Marla Patterson were reelected to three year terms and Cliff Marx was elected to a two year term to the board and the new Sunday game was announced.

        Sectional: everything appears to be on schedule. Will check with David Taylor about scheduling the bridgemates.

        Primary mission today is election of Officers for 2019: The following were elected by acclamation:

        President: JoAnn Smith

        Vice-President: Turid Fredrickson

        Secretary: Marla Patterson

        Treasurer: Dave Fallen

        Bonuses for Sharon, Nick, and Marla were approved.


Meeting adjourned at 7:05pm. Next meeting 13 FEB 19 at 6:30pm to discuss sectional.



Respectfully submitted,