The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:30 pm.  Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, and Ernie Staudt.  



  1. 1. Minutes were confirmed approved as per electronic approval.  Dave has posted them on the website. 




  1. 1.SUNDAY has started in Lynnwood, 3 ½ to 4 tables so far. 

    1. a.Some question about how fast Wayne is catching on to computer requirements—he needs more practice, but too early for major concerns at this point.  A board member, who understands computers still needs to be there each time, at the moment. 

    2. b.We need to make sure a unit member plays with Nancy and that they understand the limitations.  It is OK to take a board away from her to keep the pace up—she is not vying for MPs. 

    3. c.Marla with double check on the spaces we are allowed to park in—We are allowed to use any space that does not have a RESERVE sign on it—even the ones up front that have numbers.  The RESERVE sign is either on a post or on the fence—residents are paying for those parking places. 

    4. d.Sharon will print up so more flyers that can be distributed at the Sectional. 

    5. e.Ernie has not put the announcement in the Herald—he will try to get to it. 

    6. f.JoAnn has not contacted the Seattle Unit Sun to get a note in there too, so people know about the game. 

    7. g.Hospitality needs folks to take turns, as Sharon cannot be there every Sunday.  Keep it simple.  Marla will bring a calendar and folks can sign up to be there and for treats. 

    8. h.Brand new folks to duplicate bridge play FREE for the first time.  0-5 MPs play for ½ price. 

  2. 2.SECTIONAL:  SET FOR 15-17 MARCH.  Pretty much good to go.  From the checklist: 

    1. a. Marla—ice, electric sign announcements, street signs, POP and water, cooler, sign up sign for cookies, Julie about caddies for Sunday. I also have the local restaurant listings. 

    2. b.Turid—providing house for after party and cooler.  (Ron will inventory booze and make sure we have what we need.) 

    3. c.Ernie—partnership desk and cooler. 

    4. d.Sharon 

      1. i.Costco for paper supplies, coffee, snacks etc.  and salad makings, including lettuce, etc. 

      2. ii.Recycling lid 

      3. iii.Partnership slips and banner 

      4. iv.Arrange for dealing machine and getting boards from David 

      5. v.Signage for hospitality area 

    5. e.All board members are reminded to wear their name tags.   




  1. 1. JoAnn asked about Charity giving.  It appears that it slipped through the cracks for 2018.  David will look up the last time we gave and to who and how much. 

  2. 2.Financial report approved as submitted (copy attached). 

  3. 3.CD—one due to rollover this week.  Board approved one year time period.  David will make the arrangements with Edward Jones. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.  Next meeting 17 Mar 19 after the sectional.



Respectfully submitted,