(This also includes the notes from meeting 12/15/2019.)

The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 6:24pm. Present were JoAnn Smith, Turid Fredrickson, Marla Patterson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, and Nancy Carle. Nancy was welcomed to the Board.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting were approved as submitted.

  2. Minutes of the 12/15/2019 meeting consisted of two items:

    1. Board Member election and results. Dave Fallen was reelected and Nancy Carle replaces Ernie Staudt on the Board.

    2. Bonuses in the following amounts were approved by the board: Sharon Erwin ($500); Nick Tipton ($300) and Marla Patterson ($200).


  1. Lynnwood Game

    1. Averaged 2.3 paid table per game.

    2. Resulted in a loss of $42.37 per game.

    3. Moved, seconded and approved to disband the Lynwood game. The final day will be the last Sunday in January.

  2. Christmas Party went very well, but cost a significant amount of money. After the Sectional is over, we will have to discuss how to make this more financially viable.


  1. Dave presented the 2019 Financials

    1. Both clubs losing money. See above for Lynnwood solution.

    2. Everett is only losing $12.52 per week, but it adds up after awhile and depletes the financial cushion we have always had with the CDs.

    3. Discussed raising the fees to $10 per game and charging for the Christmas Party. No motions made at this time. Discussion tabled until after the Sectional.

    4. See attached report.

    5. Mary Carlson has agreed to do the audit.

  2. National is no longer paying for email blasts to advertise tournaments. We will explore what our options are. We do think we need to send out at least two before the Sectional.

  3. March Sectional: pretty much on track; Dave will pay the rest of the rental bill the first part of February and Marla will send out the to do lists per last year. We will have a board meeting in late February to finalize anything necessary.

  4. All officers were asked to write out their job description, so that new or prospective board members would have a reference about the amount of work involved.

  5. Election of Officers for 2020:

    1. President JoAnn Smith

    2. Vice-president Turid Fredrickson

    3. Treasurer Dave Fallen

    4. Secretary Marla Patterson

  6. JoAnn will report the election results to ACBL to update the website and Dave will update our website.

Meeting adjourned at 7:11pm. Next meeting 26 February at 6:20pm. Respectfully submitted,