Zoom Meeting due to COVID restrictions.


The meeting was called to order by Secretary Marla Patterson at 3:10pm.  (President JoAnn Smith will take charge after she settles some technical difficulties.  Members present were  Turid Fredrickson,  Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, Ernie Staudt and Nick Tipton.   Nancy was welcomed to the Board.



          Minutes of the last meeting were approved as submitted.

          Minutes of the 12/15/2019 meeting consisted of two items:


OLD BUSINESS:  No old business.




         Nancy Carle has moved out of the area.  Ernie Staudt has volunteered to fill her remaining term.  This was approved unanimously by the Board.

         Dave presented the 2020 Financials

         We closed the Lynnwood game at the end of January.

         The COVID restrictions have eliminated all games since the first week of March.

         Need to have 5-5.5 tables per week to break even.  When it becomes viable to have FTF bridge again, we will poll our members to see if the Wednesday night game is salvageable.

         Marla will talk to Everett Plaza about their input.  I called the Plaza.  They are, of course, following all the Phase II restrictions.  The good news is that they were the only building in their system that did not have a COVID case and they will be happy to have us return when gatherings are allowed.  At least one barrier not in place.  All other decisions tabled until restrictions change.

         Mary Carlson has done the audit—everything was fine and the report is on file.

         National is no longer paying for email blasts to advertise tournaments.  We will explore what our options are.  We do think we need to send out at least two before the Sectional.  We may have some credits left.  Sharon will check on this.

         Sectional for 2022—talk about moving it to the first weekend to avoid Nationals.  Will need to talk to Julie and Matt K.

         All officers were asked to write out their job description, so that new or prospective board members would have a reference about the amount of work involved.  They should be electronically forwarded to Marla who will edit and then she will give them to Dave to post on the website.  Now would be a good time to do this—with all the extra down time you are having……lol.

         Election of Officers for 2021:

          Jo and Marla’s terms ended in 2020, but they have agreed to extend for one more year to try to bring closure to this pandemic chaos.  We won’t shift any terms.  Next Dec those two positions will just be elected for 2year, vice 3.  This will keep the rotation on track.

         Officers elected for 2021 are:

   President                     JoAnn Smith

   Vice-president             Turid Fredrickson

   Treasurer                     Dave Fallen

   Secretary                     Marla Patterson

         JoAnn will report the election results to ACBL to update the website and Dave will update our website.

         Joanne will talk to the KC Hall about dates, deposits, etc regarding a possible Christmas Party for this December.  We would hope to be back to some usual stuff by then.




Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.  Next meeting May 2021, time/date TBD.


Respectfully submitted,