Zoom Meeting due to COVID concerns.


The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 4:05pm.  Members present were Marla Patterson, Turid Fredrickson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, and Ernie Staudt.  Nick Tipton joined us briefly at the end of the meeting.


MINUTES:  No minutes read.


OLD BUSINESS:  No old business.




1.      Primary business is the possibility of reopening for FTF bridge.  Our current place would probably have us back, but restrictions like mask wearing may be a detriment to members returning.

a.       Lots of discussion about days and times with no solid conclusions—other than, we all agreed that we wanted to try to get the club started again.

b.      Second Point of agreement was that we would like Sharon to send out an email poll to members to find out how many would actually return to bride FTF.

2.      We decided to explore other venues, the following members will contact the noted venue:

    1. Sharon will contact the Plaza and the Chateau.
    2. Ernie will contact a couple churches in the S. Everett area.
    3. Jo will contact Normana Hall and the Everett Sr. Center.
    4. Marla will call the Everett Community College.
    5. Cliff will call the Edmonds Community college.
    6. Turid will call the Marysville Community Center.
  1. Jo will ask Steve Wise about taking the Disciplinary Chair job and running for the board.
  2. Need new place for Christmas Party—the KofC Hall has just gotten too expensive.  Maybe one of the venues above might work.
  3. Note, me to all:  haven’t seen Job Descriptions from everyone????
  4. Ernie having difficulty with old email address; he is currently using his wife’s.  He will send us all an email so we will have it to use, until he gets things straightened out.




Meeting adjourned at 4:52pm.  Next meeting Aug 2021, time/date TBD.


Respectfully submitted,