The meeting was called to order by President JoAnn Smith at 12 pm.  Members present were Marla Patterson, Turid Fredrickson, Sharon Erwin, Dave Fallen, Cliff Marx, and Ernie Staudt. 


MINUTES:  Minutes of the July 5th Zoom meeting APPROVED as read.


OLD BUSINESS:  No old business.




1.      Primary business is settle the Sectional.  After some discussion, it was moved and APPROVED to cancel the 2022 Sectional scheduled for March.  Marla will inform Beautiful Savior and the ACBL.

2.      We decided we would like to tentatively explore reopening the Everett club—maybe a Tuesday afternoon game.  We won’t know until we try.  To try to go forward, the following action items are assigned:

a.       Ernie will check about availability and requirements for Everett Senior Center.

b.      Cliff will do the same with the Rose Hill Community Center in Mukilteo.

c.       Sharon will renew our sanction with ACBL.

d.      David will renew our permit from Washington State.

3.      After some discussion, it was APPROVED to send out the ballot to elect board members by email.  We know this won’t reach everyone, but it will reach more people than who usually attend the Christmas party to vote in person.

a.       The blast should contain a brief update on what we are trying to do to reopen, the list of current board members, and the ballot.  We have three positions to fill, as Jo is on an extension from 2020.

b.      Ballot should read:      Cliff Marx    Joanne Smith    Steve Wise    Write-in:______

c.       Members should be given 2 weeks from the date of the email to return their ballot to Sharon.

4.      Once the board has been officially elected, we will hold a zoom meeting to elect officers.



Meeting adjourned at 1:11 pm.  Next meeting TBD.


Respectfully submitted,