1. Zero Tolerance means creating an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable playing at our club. It follows the Golden Rule--if you wouldn't want someone doing "it" to you, don't do it to them and your mother's rule that says, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

2. By definition, all table lessons, comments on opponent's or partner's play (unless they ask...), and "directing" by anyone who is NOT the official director of the session are considered NOT nice. Swearing, off color jokes, or any discriminatory comments against any person or group are all unacceptable. Arguing with your partner, the opponents, or the director is unacceptable. We would hope the first line of defense is for the offended party to ask the behavior to cease; if it does, that could end the incident, but, if not, or if you feel the offense was so severe, then move to 3.

3. ANY irregularity and/or questionable behavior should immediately result in a Director's call. This is for everyone's and the game's protection. Get the OFFICIAL word, not your partner's or the opponent's.

4. Initial penalty is 1/4 board (or 3 IMPs) per offender--it could apply to one person or all 4 people if bad behavior fits everyone. In a partnership, penalties are additive, i.e., if both parties are guilty, a 1/2 board penalty could be assessed.

5. A second offense in the same session (or event), will result in the offenders removal.

6. The director's decision is FINAL. You may appeal, but the committee can only recommend reconsideration by the director; they cannot overturn the penalty. They may, however, recommend a full disciplinary hearing to impose additional sanctions if the offense is severe enough.

7. Even if you chose not to call the Director, but are disturbed by some behavior, please talk to the Director/Club Manager privately. If we don't know there is a problem, we can't address it. If we don't have documentation of issues, it is difficult to impose penalties.

9. Please remember we are all here to enjoy the game; don't go looking for trouble and try to remember that, with very few exceptions, no one sits down with the intention of making you uncomfortable or ticked off. LET'S ALL PLAY NICE.